Accumulation Tank

The Akümülasyon tank is used in heating and cooling systems to store clean and healthy water. It is usually installed behind a heat exchanger (plate exchanger, pipe dispenser, all heating systems, cooling systems, fan set etc.). In addition, this boiler shall be used in all facilities requiring heating from a single source. The heating shall be by hot water, steam, solar, incandescent, geothermal and similar heating sources. It also uses a product that uses the Akümülasyon (Akümülasyon) reservoir of the double-helix Apamet to equip hot water and store it in all facilities, buildings, houses, factories, hotels and various facilities to secure hot water in all places. Available in different sizes ranging from 100 liters up to 3000 liters, thanks to the enameled titanium material with added micron 250-450 and is a healthy product and is resistant to corrosion and environmental conditions, and sizes from 100 liters to 500 liters, the density of polyurethane to 30 Mm per 44 kg / m3 and from 800 liters up to 3000 liters up to 80 mm polyurethane insulation and sizes from 100 liters to 500 liters. Insulation is carried out using electrolytic iron sheets and galvanized sheets. The sizes of 800 liters up to 3,000 liters uses a special factory cover from Winlex. Cathodic protection is used with anodized rod or bar. An optional electrically resistive resistor, available in white, can be applied with a simple and elegant appearance. And the choice of color according to the desire and demand, and capacity of 10 bar when used and tested on the capacity of 13 bar In addition to it is easy and fast installation It has a warranty of 3 years