Elit Cumulative Tank

Storage tanks are used in heating and cooling systems for hygienic storage of prepared water. As a rule, it is installed after the heat exchanger (plate heat exchanger, tubular heat exchanger, boiler, chiller, fan coil, etc.). APAMET storage tanks are used in hotels, residential buildings, villas, factories and other premises where there is a need for hot water. Specifications The volume of the tank from 100 to 3000 liters Hygiene and corrosion resistance (wear), provided by titanium enamel coating with a layer thickness of 250-450 microns, Tanks in the volume from 100 to 500 liters have insulation from soft polyurethane thickness 30mm and density 23 kg / m³., Tanks in the volume from 800 to 3000 liters have insulation from soft polyurethane thickness 50mm and density 15 kg / m³., Tanks ranging from 100 to 3000 - a special building Vinlex. Through the magnesium anode rod, the cathode protection, Stainless electric resistor, White color, simple and elegant appearance (optional, can be any color). Operating pressure: 10 bar, test pressure: 13 bar, Easy to install, serial assembly possible. Warranty 3 (three) years.