APAMET Fully Enamelled Boiler (Water Heater)

The use of high-quality water in cats and the extension of the period is carried out with the help of the right enamel. In fully enameled boilers, the inner part of the spiral is also covered with enamel, which increases the strength of the departments, in which years a malfunction may arise. In addition to high quality and durability, this product is a solution for working in difficult conditions. WHERE TO USE? Steam boilers and steam systems Areas with geothermal waters and places highly prone to corrosion (complex conditions) All areas where a particularly high boiler strength is required The inner part of the spiral is covered with a layer of enamel with a thickness of 200-250 microns, the outer one is a thickness of 300-350 microns. In view of the fact that we have not seen such applications in Turkey and Europe, we are happy to make this innovation a contribution to the research sector of our country. WHY USE APAMET BOYLER? (Water heater) The warranty period for APAMET BOYLER products is 3 YEARS from the moment of delivery of the product to the user; The production of APAMET BOYLER products uses HARD POLYURETHANE insulation with a density of 44kg / m³, which does not contain HCFC (ozone layer depleting substance), so that heat losses are minimized; APAMET BOYLER products are equipped with a wide area of ​​spiral heat exchangers, which provides high performance; Due to the fact that in the lower part of the APAMET boilers, the spiral has two turns twisted at an angle, it provides better heating of the water and water remaining in the bottom of the boiler in the cold compartment, which prevents the multiplication of bacteria that lead to the formation of legionellosis (disease sicknesses).