Boiler-heat pump

Boiler-heat pump Apamet is a boiler suitable for operation at low operating conditions and having a different power range, the values ​​of which are presented in the table. Compared to other types of boilers, it has a wider helix heating area, in addition, it exhibits high heating efficiency for systems operating at low temperatures of the heated liquid, thereby increasing the productivity of the heater. Specifications The volume of the tank is from 100 to 500 liters • Hygienic and corrosion resistance (wear), provided by a titanium enamel coating with a layer thickness of 250-450 microns, • Through the magnesium anode rod, a cathode protection, • Stainless electric resistor, • White color, simple and elegant appearance (optional, can be any color). • Working pressure: 10 bar, test pressure: 13 bar, • Easy installation, serial assembly possible. • Warranty 3 (three) years.