Thermosiphon Apamet (Water heater)

having a capacity of 65/80/100 liters, is able not only to produce heat with a working heat source, but also to heat water by electric energy. Thus, in the summer and autumn-spring period, when heating boilers do not work, instead of additional water heaters, you can heat the water from electricity. Thermosiphon Apamet is a model of thermosyphons that store and heat water through not only electricity, but also other heating devices (air heater, heating boiler, solar battery system, geothermal energy, etc.). Thermosiphon Apamet is a device that, by circulating water coming from a heat source in it, makes its heating; if the incoming water has sufficient temperature for use, the thermosyphon does not consume electricity, thereby ensuring its economy. Example: Thermosiphon Apamet is successfully used in all premises where there is a need for hot water, such as houses, cottages, apartments, construction sites. Due to the presence of insulation, they can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Equipped with magnesium anode rod and covered with enamel. Why enamel? "Enamel is a hygienic coating, due to the fact that The surface covered with enamel becomes smooth and shiny, bacteria and microorganisms that can not reproduce a great role for health. " What is the use of an anode rod? Obespechiva protection from scale and corrosion. The outer casing is made of galvanized steel, covered with electrostatic powder paint. Equipped with a thermostat, thermometer, resistor, spiral and insulation.