Calentador de agua-titanio Apamet

The water heater-titan Apamet is used to heat water and premises in houses and apartments with a heating system. In a room where heating is needed, the radiator is removed and the Apat titanium is installed in its place. After installation of Apamet titanium, pipes for cold and hot water are connected to it. A working boiler provides not only the supply of the entire apartment with hot water, but also the heating of the room in which it is installed. Example: The water heater-titanium Apamet, which is usually called a bathroom boiler, is economical, as it provides not only heating water, but also heating the room. Installed in place of the radiator in the bathroom. All that needs to be done is to replace the radiator with the water heater-titan Apamet. Thus, not only is the supply of hot water to the sink, bathtub and other places in the apartment where it is needed, but also fuel economy Equipped with magnesium anode rod and covered with enamel. Why enamel? "Enamel is a hygienic coating, due to the fact that The surface covered with enamel becomes smooth and shiny, bacteria and microorganisms that can not reproduce a great role for health. " What is the use of an anode rod? Obespechiva protection from scale and corrosion. The outer casing is made of galvanized steel, covered with electrostatic powder paint. Provides heating the bathroom and heating the water.